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Untangle with us! 

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Mia Monroe

07802 478515

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Kerry Rath

07949 662702

Untangled Counselling was set up by Mia and Kerry in September 2022 with a view to filling the gaps for this support which otherwise wouldn't be met. Mia and Kerry have different skill sets and together provide a broad range of knowledge and lived experience. It is vital that you get along with your therapist so please feel free to contact both of us to see who you click with most, or just be guided by the photo's of us. 

Work with us and we will help you by untangling the knots in your life to enable you to live a more relaxed, confident and simply smoothed out life. This is a process, you know how knots can sometimes take some work to undo, well this is the same for you. Going through the process to discover your strengths you might have forgotten, or finding out new ones. This leads to new hope and strategies to live a happier more peaceful life with you fully in control. Untangled Counselling offer talking therapies, CBT/DBT, ADHD Coaching and some creative arts therapies if suitable. This will be discussed with you at your sessions.

INITIAL CONTACT should be in the way which suits you best, email, phone or text is fine. Be aware we may be in a session with a client so may not be able to answer immediately. 

We will then arrange an initial session to evaluate your needs and see if we get along. 

PAYMENT can be taken in cash or card or via bank transfer. This can be discussed at the initial session. The initial session is free. Expect £35 per session of an hour.

SESSIONS will be at a set time and day, which is considered your own time slot. So it is important to let us know if you cannot make it for any reason. Sessions last a 'therapists hour' which is 50 minutes.

The amount of sessions you have is unlimited. 

To read our Terms and Conditions and other information about us, please click on the links below

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