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Lincoln Art Ninja's

Art Ninjas 2020 logo ROUND

Art Ninjas are a super sneaky fun group of Lincoln people who love making all kinds of art using all sorts of upcycled household things, and love to share it by leaving it for people to find in unexpected places! Art Ninjas aim is to share a smile and spread the power of creativity to connect and inspire the community. No special art skills required just the Art Ninja skills of stealth and kindness. Always open to all ages, and all creative abilities. 

Art Ninja's get up to all sorts of creative mischief with larger projects to inspire and engage the community. Art Ninja's have produced art for care home gardens and Lincoln Hospital to enhance the community gardens for the residents and visitors. Murals have been an ongoing group focus since the start with local and further afield locations being 'ninja'd', as it is known! 

Art Ninja's have played a part in local music festivals The Big Gig and Beyond The Woods to provide a creative experience through collaborative artworks. 

These group projects are designed to engage as many people as possible from the Art Ninja groups and from the local area.

Art Ninja's have groups in other areas too; Newark, Grantham, Reading, Hemel Hempstead, Hull, Huntingdon and Boston. You can find these on Facebook if you want to get involved - check out what they have been up to!

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