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Community engagement is always my priority, seeking out and supporting pockets of society who struggle to access creative opportunities. With this in mind my workshops have largely been self-initiated but I also have experience working for external stakeholders. 


My ethos is to support participants to find their creative energy and to explore new methods of creativity - in an eclectic variety of ways! I work with enthusiam, passion and compassion with a gentle and supportive approach. I strongly believe in the power of people to find their self-efficacy through creative exploration.



  • Facilitation of creative workshops to diverse groups including SEND, youth groups and Dementia groups.

  • Stock control and financial mangement of materials purchasing and storage.

  • Creation of learning materials.

  • Supporting creative development of individuals, to develop creative thinking strategies and problem solving to achieve their objective for the specific project.

  • Marketing and engagement at events to promote the workshops, including social media and press releases.

30 years in the print trade as a freelance illustrator, designer, print buyer and production manager.Working on print, editorial, exhibition design and copy writing.



Heritage Linconshire - Layers of History Project.

Cultural Solutions Limited - Welcoming Voices project, Mindful Creativity Project, Re:Connecting Lincolnshire.

University of Lincolnshire 

Bishop Grotesseque University, Lincoln

Alzheimers Society


Sincil Bank Foundation ( Lincoln City Foundation?)

Lincoln City Hospital (garden project)

Abbey Access Centre

Development Plus

CanADDa - Autism support group.

Shooting Fish Theatre Company - Re:Connecting Lincolnshire 

Beyond The Woods music festival - ART Beyond the Woods

Mansions of the Future, Lincoln.

CAMHS, children and adolescent mental health service.


(too numerous to mention but here are a few which I have evidence of working with)

Painting - acrylic, watercolour, gouache, spray paint, metallic, special finishes, textures, unusual substrates.

Any papercraft - paper engineering and model making

Pencil, charcoal and pastel

Crayon - different techniques with this traditional media

Textiles - weaving, spinning and textiles, embroidery, knitting, sewing, freehand drawing with sewing machines

Felting, wet and needle.

Mixed media including collage

Printing - all forms, gel plates, mono print, lino cut, wood cut, texture plates.

Metalic leaf

Clay work, including plasticine and oven baked clays

Book making and binding

Digital interactive design - eg., using Leap Motion and projectors, laser cutters and book binding systems. 

Plasticine illustration.

Cartoons and comic books.

Silicon work - this is my personal practice form.


The best working relationships start with a conversation, so lets meet for a cuppa and discuss your project ideas and how I can support your goals. I am very flexible and able to provide my own ideas and input on your project, happy to work unsupervised. I will always supply a risk assessment, project plan and brief report at the end.


I work with either an hourly or daily rate, plus materials, plus mileage. Let's talk! 

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