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 Queens Park Community Hub, South Park, Lincoln LN5 8EW, UK

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Mia Monroe

07802 478515

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Kerry Rath

07496 429294

Counselling for all...

Untangled Counselling is a mental health service offering Counselling and Creative Arts Therapies by qualified mental health professionals Mia Monroe and Kerry Rath. We strive to uphold the highest standards of service, ethics and humanity to our clients at all times. Our mission is to provide a caring and empowering mental health service to those who are struggling the most. We offer our time free to those who don’t have the means to pay, and at a low cost to those who can. Supporting our community to be the best it can be, to create a healthy caring community. 


Untangled Counselling accepts referrals from other agencies and self referrals.

To arrange the initial session please get in touch with either Mia or Kerry.

You can read more about Mia here and Kerry here.


We look forward to helping you. x 

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untangled logo.jpg

Untangled Counselling,  Art Ninja HQ, Queens Park Community Hub, South Park, Lincoln LN5 8EW, UK

Thank you for getting in touch, I will reply as speedily as I can! 

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