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Counselling and Coaching
(sometimes using creative arts!)


Mia Monroe. BA (Hons)., MA., MBEd.

I am a Lincoln based person-centred integrated holistic therapist and Creative Counsellor, this means that I am a qualified mental health practitioner who puts the focus on the unique needs of each person and take into account not only mental health but all other areas of life. I have a relaxed, straightforward and positive approach with which I support clients, either 1:1 or in small groups.


In addition to offering talking therapies I can work with images and creativity to explore issues with clients. It is an interesting and effective way of working through issues when words cannot be found but this is very much optional and driven by the clients preferences and individual needs. I use a combination of psychological theories which might sound scary, my approach is all about helping, supporting and motivating the client to be their best self and to be able to live a happy and fulfilled life.  


I have been training since 2010 when I first embarked on re-entering education to change careers. I then successfully completed the PCATS (person centred art therapy skills) Diploma in 2016  from APCCA (Association of Person Centred Creative Arts) to add to my portfolio of qualifications which include positive psychology skills training, Diploma in Psychological Interventions for Eating Disorders (NCFED) and nutrition coaching. I most recently completed my HICATS diploma and am a qualified and registered Counsellor. I am an ADHD coach and can support you to find practical ways to manage life and the challenges Neurodiversity can bring.

I run a social enterprise called ActiviTea CIC which works out of a community art studio (Art Ninja HQ) in Lincoln offering a safe space for all to create, relax and feel better. I instigate creative projects in the community to create community through creativity - it is lots of fun but the serious positive impact to mental health is the focus. I have experience of working with all ages from my time as a roaming subject specialist art teacher in schools to being in private practice since 2016 in Cambridge and Lincoln.

I champion neurodiversity and am proudly neurodiverse myself. 

I am also a Mother to 3 of my own children and 3 step-children. 

I am a professional member of the International Association of Therapists and also the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association. I am fully insured and follow the IAOTH code of ethical practice and safeguarding.

Always happy to help so please get in touch to discuss how I can support you. I find the best way to start is to have an initial chat. I encourage face to face meetings but am happy to work online or on the telephone if this suits you better. 

Arts & Crafts
Amsterdam Painting


Including all art materials - 

One to One

50 minutes  £35.00

Group, max 4

90 minutes  £25.00 each

Check for short courses and focus group workshops.

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