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ActiviTea CIC (community interest company) was established in September 2018 by myself, Mia Monroe.

The mission statement for ActiviTea is to motivate, inspire and connect the community through creativity. Loneliness, and feeling like there is no reason to go out, all take their toll on our health. It is these issues I hope to tackle by providing opportunities for people to connect. I did this by setting up sub groups of ActiviTea; Art Ninja's, Ninja-Fit, Ninja-Beats and Ninja-Swim, all aimed at getting people connected and active while being involved in something creative - even if that is just creative thinking!


With my background in therapeutic arts facilitation I am passionate about the power of creativity to change lives and empower positive change. I set about creating a more official structure in which to achieve this and reach as many people as possible. There is no shortage of evidence which points to the conclusion that creativity is life-enhancing. My objective is to promote this in a fun and accessible way which allows everyone to feel comfortable accessing art.


There is a stigma attached to creating art which I am working to combat with my community group Lincoln Art Ninja's.  This includes putting on community events, creative workshops and interactive opportunities for all the family. There will be opportunities to just come along and sit with the group if you are nervous or anxious about being creative, so please come along and just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and friendly people. (I believe everything can be made better in the first instance by genuine human contact and a cup of Tea. x )

If there is something you are keen to try or would like me to get involved with please get in touch, I am always happy to help.

NINJA-SWIM was launched in January 2019, with over 30 years experience in teaching top-rated lessons, teacher Ken Carstairs, felt this would be a fabulous opportunity to teach even more people to love the water. Swimming is not only a great way to keep active but also a social activity. Ninja-Swim hope to provide opportunities for community groups who find it difficult to access lessons due to cultural restrictions.

Ninja-Swim offer small class sizes and person focussed teaching. we have our own certification system ( compliant with ASA) which provides a swimming record for the duration of your time with Ninja-Swim. We are specialists in teaching nervous non-swimmer of any age.  

The work of Ninja-Swim financially supports the work of Art Ninja HQ.



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